4 Signs to Tell if Your Spouse is Cheating on You

Has your partner been acting distant lately? or maybe it’s just something you can sense but not really point at. While a little jealousy and possessiveness is considered as a healthy sign in a relationship, sometimes what we confuse as the green-eyed monster is actually your intuition calling out. So in case if your cheating-radar is up and you are sure to check out what is really going on, watch out for these few red signs for they can indicate infidelity on your partner’s part.

1. The Extremes

Now usually a cheating partner would exhibit two behaviorism; too detached or too attached. While the detachment part is hard to digest, it usually presents itself as the subtle lack of interest. ¬†However, the way-too-much attachment part hints that something is definitely up. The attachment comes as a time-check on you actually; the extra phone calls and text messages are just a mean to keep a check on what you are doing so that they can dodge you. And don’t worry, the extreme behaviors are very easy to notice.

2. New hobbies?

While a relationship is a continuous growth process of two individuals, it usually comes as a joint-growth. If one of you is suddenly living a new lifestyle without involving the significant other, then this is a worry-some factor. Yes, it could be a temporary new obsession but if you no knowledge of what your partner is doing, what the new activity is, what exactly goes on and off, then chances are you are being intentionally kept in the dark.

3. Too much Social Media

What happens when you see your partner overly involved in their phones? Like when they are with you they won’t let go of their devices or you see them checking their phones at the most odd hours. All these things look suspicious and surprisingly most infidelity takes place on social media platforms, consciously and unconsciously. But how to know for sure without snooping around? try actively participating on their social media and you can also resort to activity control and monitoring apps like mSpy. This way you can clearly know if it is the addiction to social media acting out or addiction of another person.

4. The Classic Blackouts

Now this is the most common yet important signs. The sudden lack of interest, lack of communication, changed and distracted behavior and a lack of attention to your household events, all these are some classic signs of something is wrong. It is more aggravated when you try to talk to them and in turn the situation gets worse for they lash out or just dismiss it. A healthy relationship may experience the same cues but with communication you will actually know if it’s just a phase or a change for the worse.